Miss Universe Updates Transportation MOVING THROUGH DUBAI’S WATERS


Like any bustling city, Dubai, roads are usually congested, with slow moving, heavy traffic. Tourists and residents always find themselves caught in an endless and hot web of honking, worm-like acceleration, and irritation. That is why Dubai has a refreshing alternative to bus or car travel—marine transportation.

Dubai offers many types of marine transport systems. People who visit or reside in Dubai are often encouraged to take the water route to reduce the load of traffic on the roads. It is also a fun way to get from point A to point B. Go ahead and choose from this list of marine transport vehicles in Dubai:

1.Water Bus. This mode of aquatic transport is a very advanced water transport service that provides travelers with comfort and luxury as they reach their destination. Here are the routes and rates:

a.The Dubai Marina (You can get your one day ticket for the Water Bus here)

  • Dhs3—from Marina Walk to the Marina Terrance; from the Marina Mall to the Promenade
  • Dhs5—from the Marina Walk to the Marina Mall
  • Schedules: Saturday to Wednesday (10AM to 10 PM)

Thursdays (10 AM to 12 PM)

Public Holidays and Fridays (every fifteen minutes, 12 PM to 12 AM)

2.Abras. These are the traditional modes of transportation in UAE. Abras are of two types: the rowing abra and the motorized abra.

  1. Rowing abras. These are the manually operated boats. They are powered by rowing. Rowing abras are common in Dubai. They remain popular in Dubai’s waters. For a very cheap fee, they transport tourists and locals through their routes. Here are their schedules:
  • Creek Park—10 AM to 7 PM
  • Public Library—5 AM to 8 AM; 9 PM to 2 AM
  1. Motorized abras. The motorized abras are faster and more enjoyable. They link Bur Dubai and Deira through the Dubai Creek sides. The fee is affordable. They operate from 5 AM to 12 AM; route 2 operates all day and all night. Here are the routes:
  • Route #1—Deira Old Souk to Bur Dubai (6 AM – 12 MN; Dhs1 for every passenger [collected by the operator] 0.59 kilometers in 5 minutes)
  • Route #2—Sabkha to Dubai Old Souk (24 hours; Dhs1 for each passenger [collected by the operator]; 0.68 kilometers in 7 minutes)

If you want a private cruise on the Dubai Creek, take note of these rates:

    • Rowing abra—Dhs30 per hour
    • Motorized abra—Dhs100 per hour

3.Water Taxis. If you want the ultimate ride of luxury and privacy, choose the water taxi. You can book a trip by dialing 8009090 (toll-free), though your hotel, or by accessing the website. The water taxi will meet you at the nearest station and take you anywhere in the Dubai waterways. You can get a ride from 10 AM – 10 PM. You can pay the operator by credit card or in cash. It costs about Dhs50 for a trip from Bur Dubai to Deira. You can even pay up to Dhs570, depending on how long you ride the water taxi. The water taxi fare depends on weather conditions and the trip itself. You need to agree upon the fare before you finish your booking.

Choose the marine transport you need or prefer. Traveling via Dubai’s waters is a better, less stressful way to get from one area to another. Take this route as often as you can and see Dubai in a different light.