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Some Celebrities Who Own a Piece of Dubai

Owning property in Dubai has become a symbol of status for many of the rich and famous around the world. Why wouldn’t it? Where else will you find such sights as an artificial island shaped like a palm tree, the world’s largest indoor snow skiing and winter sports facility and well as a beautiful city skyline? These are just a few of the reasons celebrities may want to own a small but luxurious piece of it.


A little name dropping has to go along with the statement that famous people own property in Dubai. Starting with David and Victoria Beckham, a luxurious villa with seven bedrooms located on the Palm Island was given to them for their participation in a marketing campaign by the island’s developers. The Beckhams don’t live there but when they plan a trip to Dubai, they have a place to call their own to stay in.


Another celebrity who was given his own piece of Dubai is Michael Schumacher, a former champion Formula 1 race care driver. His property isn’t just luxurious, it is also unique. His place is located on The World, which is an article island construction that has all the continents, countries and most of the islands represented. Schumacher’s piece of The World is in Antarctica.


Other celebrities familiar to much of the world include fashion designer Giorgio Armani, golfer Tiger Woods, chef Jamie Oliver and actress and producer Hillary Swank. Though not as well known out side of India, Bollywood celebrities are gaining stature in the rest of the world. A number of the most successful actors in India’s cinema are buying property in Dubai.


Among the most notable actors from India to own property in Dubai is Shan Rukh Khan. His villa on Palm Jumeirah is an impressive 8500 sq. feet on two levels with two garages, six bedrooms and has its own beach. The younger brother of Sohail Khan, famous Bollywood producer and director, is another proud owner of a piece of Dubai. Salman Khan owns an apartment in the Burj Pacific residential tower in the Business Bay area.


One of the most notable names in the world today is Trump, whether you are talking about the man, Donald Trump or the corporation bearing his last name, the Trump Organization. The Trump Organization owns a luxury hotel in Dubai called, what else, The Trump International Hotel.

Dubai is growing as a hot spot for the jet set so you never know who might buy a home or business in the next few years. When you visit Dubai, you may see one of these famous people. It is quite possible to see a number of celebrities who are just visiting or working in Dubai but don’t own property there, at least not yet.

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