Dos and don’ts of the desert safari tour

There are several different things which you have to do and which you should not do when you are going to the luxury Dubai desert safari tour. People often do not take care of these things and then they say that they do not enjoy their tour and blame it on to the service provider. The main mistake is yours that you will not get the information beforehand. If you want to know about this then you have to read this article till end and find this information:

Sun block: You have to let your skin healthy and save it from the sun by applying the sun block on your skin. You have to apply this on the body parts that are open and porn to the sun. This sun block should be applied especially if you are going in to the desert in summers because there is a slightly less severe sun rays in the winters.

Camera: You should get along with camera because there are lots of beautiful sceneries in that area. If you do not get the camera with you then you will be unable to tell others about the amazing experience which you had there in the desert safari.

Food: You will get a lot of food there but if you want to enjoy your entire journey then you will have to enjoy the food in small quantities. It is the advice to not over eat because in this way your stomach will be very heavy and you will be unable to enjoy all the things there.

Clothes: You have to wear soft and comfortable clothes. Do not wear too many clothes even if you are going in the winter season. When you have a lot of burden of your clothes then you will find it difficult to enjoy the rides and the sand ski. You will not get the chance of desert ski at your home so you have to wear easy clothing if you want to enjoy each and every moment there in the desert safari.

Expensive things: You should not wear anything expensive like jewelry, watch or even expensive shoes. If you wear that then there will be a chance of theft in the desert. Also you should not take your expensive cell phones because no phone signals in the desert.

Make sure that you follow the rules mentioned above to ensure that you have an amazing time during your desert safari trip!

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