What is meant by VAT?

Value Added Tax also known as VAT is the process of registering a business for VAT if its total value of exports or supplies increase than the mandatory registration.

It should be noted that supplies should be taxable. If taxable supplies are below the limit of mandatory registration then you can apply for voluntary registration. This will allow  you to reclaim your VAT if your business has not made any supplies.

Records of VAT

If you have applied for VAT, it should be noted that you have to keep the records including the VAT you have been paying and the one that you are charging your customers. If you have registered your business as VAT then you should charge your customers through the products and services you are offering them.

Other related services by value added tax consultants

Other offers date value added tax consultants orphan offer once you visit them are VAT return filing, VAT refunds for businesses overseas, management accounting, VAT software implementation, VAT planning and standard VAT registration.

Where is VAT implemented?

The implementation of VAT covers financial service providers, land and property organizations, opticians, housing organizations, not for profit organizations and charities.

When is accounting outsourcing required?

In managerial accounting, outsourcing is used to make  someone make a certain product for you instead of making it all by yourself. The person you have hired to make the product for you is paid. This is done because hiring someone experienced would be costly so if a simple labour is used to make the product then that would cost less or you can make any other company make that product for you or you can hire a number of people.

Such as if you hire an in house bookkeeper, it would be costly in a way that you would have to pay him, compensate, you would have to do his medical insurance, retirement plans, benefits and the leaves will also be included. So through outsourcing you would get yourself saved from these things and the hectic training, interview and test steps will be avoided.

VAT registration consultants in UAE are always there to guide you through this process. Accounting outsourcing companies in Dubai are also working effectively.